Our Apps

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Wi-Fi Analyzer

Turn your device into a Wi-Fi Analyzer!

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Audio Recorder

A simple and easy-to-use voice and audio recording app.

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Our Games

Civtropolis logo


Civtropolis is a fast-paced city building game. Start from a small town, then construct new buildings and manage your city's needs to keep it growing and build it into a mighty metropolis.

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Hyperspace Quest logo

Hyperspace Quest

Greetings future galactic explorer! Set off into the endless expanse of space, voyage farther than anyone else has gone before, visit space stations to power up your hyperdrive, and maybe pick up some of these crates while you're at it to earn coins and unlock new ships in Hyperspace Quest, a unique and fun endless runner.

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Reflect the Dots logo

Reflect the Dots

Reflect the Dots is a simple, fun, and challenging casual game. Use the reflector to keep the dots from reaching the circle.

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To the Core! logo

To The Core!

To The Core! is a unique twist on the endless runner genre. Drill down to the earth's core and collect gems to replenish your drill's energy, all while avoiding boulders and lava pools that get in your way.

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Solve the Fruit logo

Solve the Fruit

Solve the Fruit is a fruit-themed equation solving puzzle game. Each fruit represents a number and your job is to find out what that number is. Guess correctly and you score a point. Guess incorrectly and you lose a star. How many puzzles can you solve before running out of stars?

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